School Board FAQs

What does a school board member do?

Olympia’s school board members are responsible for adopting an annual budget and policies that impact the education of about 10,000 students enrolled in Olympia schools. The board also puts forward levies or bonds to fund schools. The annual budget of over 100 million dollars is primarily built by district staff and influenced by the board’s vision.


Who are school board members and how are they elected?

The Olympia School Board consists of the district superintendent, a student representative, and five elected citizen members. School board members must live in the area they are representing, but they are elected by the whole school district. Hilary is running for “director district” (or position) 4, but anyone who lives in the Olympia School District can vote for her. There is no primary in Hilary’s race, so she will only be on the ballot for the November 7th election.