Ready to Lead

Hilary is endorsed by the Olympia teachers union, state legislators, local elected officials, community organizations, and families. Find out why Hilary is running and what she hopes to do as your school board member:

0U1A4539My name is Hilary Seidel, and I’m running for Olympia School Board Director, District 4. I am a mom of three and a school volunteer. I’ve spent my career working with programs that serve young people and their families.

Our public schools should be examples of the very best our community has to offer. We must work together to build a system that says “yes” to innovative, hands-on learning opportunities for all students. We should seek new ways to engage the community and welcome ideas that challenge us to rethink our understanding of how school works. It’s time for us to tackle issues of bias and inequity, and look for creative ways to find resolution.

We need hard-working, open-minded leaders who are ready to welcome the community into their work, encourage and expand non-traditional school models, and make supporting each student’s individual needs a district priority.

I have more than 25 years of experience working in education and social service programs and building partnerships. I sit on my school’s parent council and my church council. I know how to work collaboratively to get things done and engage the community. I am ready to lead, and I ask for your vote.

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